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Pinbus Ravolution 2022

The electronic music party "Pinbus Ravolution Music Festival" brings 12,000 young people exciting, eye-catching, and ear-splitting moments.

Still a festival brand full of surprises, intense EDM love, professional investment from the organizers, etc., but Pinbus Ravolution Music Festival 2022 has opened a new milestone called "Embrace Chapter".

An exciting music party took place on the evening of May 15 at SECC stage, district 7 (HCMC), attracting thousands of young people. Magical lights, vibrant music space, and quality DJs, etc. have all realized a common dream with millions of music-loving hearts.

A lot of young people came to check-in the event early, and danced to the first international music set. With endless energy from Vietnam's leading rechargeable battery brand - diamond sponsor Pinbus, Ravolution Music The festival had an explosive resonance, treating the audience with a hearty music party in early summer.

The stage was carefully invested in visual effects. From 1 p.m., the SECC stage was heated with vibrant melodies from Vietnamese artists such as DA, Ken, Tbanger, Kruise, Mouzze Mike Hao, Jiangsu and Playground. Session.

Besides, the festival also has the presence of international DJs such as 22Bullets - the Thai DJ who is bombarding every Asian festival, or Jullian Jordan - the fierce warrior of the Martin Garrix home record label.

22Bullets and Jullian Jordan stirred up the festive atmosphere. When the first kick sounded, all eyes were on the "hardstyle monument" Frontliner. A series of hits such as Symbols, Halos, and No guts no glory,… awaken the long-standing silence of the young audience.

The "golden age" of Ravolution has once again reappeared right in front of the audience with the appearance of Jeffrey Sutorius - the trance god who has followed generations of EDM lovers from the beginning. sky falls down, Waiting, Apart together… like opening up each layer of emotions of young audiences.

The last bit of energy of young people seems to be swept away by the drops of Bassjacker (#28 Top 100 DJ Mag) - the big room tycoon who owns a series of hits Psycho, Derp, Flip the beat, Crackin, etc. mobilize the global EDM community at epic music festivals around the world.

Frontliner, Jeffrey Sutorius, and Bassjacker ignite the audience's energy. At the same time, when mentioning the Pinbus Ravolution Music Festival, people will immediately remember the laser lights with sound effects, smoke and fire displays, and captivating fireworks.

Ravolution is famous for carefully investing in audio-visual elements, ensuring a perfect experience for attendees. With the above plus points, it is not difficult to understand that Ravolution is loved by young people from North to South. The event is expected to continue to be held in December this year, giving music fans unforgettable uplifting moments.

*Nguồn: ZingNews.

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